Barbie “Maverick” doll hits shelves ahead of movie

The long awaited Top Gun The sequel’s premiere may have been postponed until 2022, but on November 10, Mattel introduced the world to one of its main ladies, Natasha “Phoenix” Trace, as a collectible Barbie doll.

If you want to buy one, however, the need for speed is critical.

In less than two weeks, the company sold all of its inventory of badass Barbie, although Target, Walmart, and Amazon appear to have a few more.

A limited edition, Phoenix is ​​described as “an extremely confident and capable pilot at the fiercely competitive Top Gun flight school”.

While Phoenix’s role in Top Gun: Maverick is unclear, we do know that she is played by actor Monica Barbaro from the TV series. The good cop and Unreal.

“Smart and talented, Phoenix commands the respect of fellow pilots while overcoming barriers in and out of the sky,” according to Mattel.

The doll is fitted with aviator glasses made famous by the original Top Gun, of course. She also wears a classic green flight suit, name tags and a helmet reminiscent of Maverick’s (Tom Cruise) from 1989.

Top Gun: Maverick is set to hit theaters on May 27, 2022.

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