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The Chinese Embassy in Ukraine has issued an advisory to its citizens in the country, warning them that the situation has “sharply deteriorated”, following the launch of military operations and bombardments by Russia in some cities.

Chinese Embassy: Stick the flag on your car if you are traveling

The post was put on its WeChat and called on Chinese citizens and employees of Chinese-funded enterprises to stay home and stay away from windows and glass to avoid accidental injury.

They should also keep in touch with various Chinese associations and representatives in the country, and keep an eye out for updates posted through verified social media accounts and official channels, the Chinese Embassy added.

In addition, people traveling by car are advised to check whether they are able to refuel, as a precaution against the closure of petrol stations and by extension, a gridlock situation.

The embassy also suggested that they stick the national flag on their cars, probably to protect themselves from armed attacks.

The Guardian further reported that so far, China has not ordered or advised its citizens to evacuate Ukraine, as other governments have done.

Chinese Foreign Ministry questions use of word ‘invasion’

Separately, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said China called on all parties to “maintain restraint” and prevent the situation from spiraling out of control.

Reiterating China’s call for dialogue and negotiation, Hua added that the current situation “reflects a complex historical context” and blamed the United States for stoking tensions with “threats of war” and the $1.5 billion ($2 billion) arms sale to Ukraine. .

Hua also questioned the use of the word “invasion” by “some media outlets”, saying, “What word did they use when the US military decided to unilaterally launch military actions against #Afghanistan and the ‘#Iraq without any legal basis or authorization from the UN??

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