Family Budget Worksheet: Controlling Debts and Investments

Managing one’s finances is a task that requires a lot of control and discipline. When it comes to family finances, the complexity increases. But the good news is that, in addition to good practices that can be followed on a day to day basis, there are easy ways to track everyone’s home bills, debts and investments. for further explanation

We have developed a simple home budget spreadsheet template that, in addition to income and expenses, has specific fields for you to track repayment of your debts and the evolution of your investments.


How will the Family Budget Worksheet help me in practice?

control debts

After downloading the spreadsheet, it is important that you study each of the fields defined in it. But remember that they do not necessarily have to be these, as it is editable and fits your reality. The spreadsheet will allow you to:

  • Have a broad view of how much and how much money is being spent;
  • Concentrate the inputs and outputs in one place, avoiding the need for a debt control spreadsheet, another for spending only on children, and so on
  • Understand what are the opportunities to save;
  • Better control your loans. This is a chance to understand also if there are no healthier options to pay off debts, such as home equity loan;
  • Show the picture for the whole family and make everyone aware of the importance of financial control in the home routine.

To make your home budget and expense worksheet really work, make your upgrade a task for your entire family . Taking care of financial health is much easier when everyone looks at it with the attention they deserve.


How to fill out the Home Budget Worksheet

How to fill out the Home Budget Worksheet

If you have already downloaded the spreadsheet , don’t be alarmed by its size! Remember that we are talking about organizing all the expenses of the house, and this is not a simple task. However, that does not mean that it is difficult!

The spreadsheet itself is intuitive, just take a look and you’ll already find out what information you’ll need to enter into it to begin this process. The main purpose of this document is to give you an overview of how the house bills go. Sometimes just seeing a separate expense from the others is enough to identify opportunities to reduce the expenses of the month, such as over-fueling or going over to the bar. It is also important to know what sacrifices will be needed if you urgently need restorative action in your financial life.


Tips on how to organize your financial life

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Balancing your financial life goes far beyond just saving money on savings and cutting credit card spending. Of course, this change of habit is essential to make this process easier, but there are still a number of things you can do that help a lot when you put your beads on the tip of your pencil:

1. Set a goal

Set a goal

Like every major transformation process, it is important that you have a goal in mind with this change. Do you want to make a trip? Great! That may be your goal. Maybe buy that bike that you dream so much? It can also be your goal. The important thing is to keep in mind that your goal will act as a north for your actions. From it, you will be able to bring about this change of habit in every corner of your life, starting with the financial.


2. Set your budget

Set your budget

Even though it may seem obvious, it is very important that you know how to set your actual budget for the month. In the spreadsheet, we provide a series of information that is crucial for you to set your budget correctly. As we mentioned above, having the panorama of what , how much and how much is spent is of utmost need in the most difficult times.


3. Have discipline and patience

3. Have discipline and patience

Even though you have all the theoretical stuff at the tip of your tongue, it is also important that you remain calm and disciplined to maintain this process. This does not happen overnight and you need to stand firm. It will all work out if you take one step at a time and realize that the world was not made in one day. The same goes for the money.


4. Get financial education

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Another important step you must take towards this new challenge is to have financial education . You need to understand that saving is not always the best option to meet the goal you set there at the beginning. Do you know what Selic is ? CDI? How Does Direct Treasury Work? What is the difference between Fixed Income and Variable Income? Gaining this knowledge can not only help you accomplish your goal, it can also speed up the entire process.


How to organize bills and still pay less for your debts

How to organize bills and still pay less for your debts

Calm down, there is no magic formula or scheme that makes you rich in a few days and on the other hand makes your bills go down. The more you earn, the more you will spend. But what changes is how you will spend that money .

Today is not news to anyone that the Brazilian has serious problems with debt . In addition to having a serious problem in the economy of the country, we face the problems of everyday life and with that only the bills accumulate. One of the major problems facing most is precisely the organization of these debts. Paying slips and more slips from different places turns the financial life into chaos and it never seems to end.

When there are very old debts, some institutions negotiate with better payment terms and even big discounts for cash payment. A good way to get your financial life on track is to take the following steps:

  • Know all your debts: Knowing exactly how much and where you owe it is the first step in getting life on track. You can start by going after the institutions you know that always come to you on those unwanted calls to charge you. Write down all these debts on the spending sheet . But calm down, it’s not time to pay yet, you first need to negotiate .
  • Negotiate: Knowing how much you owe, negotiate with institutions for better value or better payment terms. If possible, inquire about discounts for cash payment, or in less installments. The longer you get the debt, the higher the interest, and that’s not what we want right now.
  • Group Debts : A good way to get organized is to group all your debts and pay only to one source. To do this, a loan is one of the best options, as you can pay off your cash debts and repay the loan in a condition that suits you, without any surprises or improper repayment. That way you can even pay less for your debts.

With these 3 steps, you can greatly improve the health of your financial life. You will have all your debts paid off and you may worry about paying only a fixed amount per month, on better terms, that meets your needs.

Bcredi has the best solution to help you rearrange your financial life and help you achieve your goals. Want to know more? Make a simulation with us, it’s without compromise!