Fanatical Republican Extremist of the Day: Andy Harris – 2022 Update

Andy Harris, Republican congressman from Maryland and fan of authoritarianism, shows how big the space where his empathy should be.

On this date in both 2020as good as 2021“Fanatical Republican Extremist of the Day” published our original profile of United States House Representative from Maryland’s 1st Congressional District, Andy Harris, who was first elected to… yes, of course, the wave of the 2010 Tea Party, after a failed Congressional Campaign in 2008, and before that, a full decade in the Maryland State Senate from 1999 to 2009. This failed 2008 campaign involved Harris unseating the incumbent Congressman of GOP Gary Gilchrest running to his right, and claiming that Gilchrest, a Vietnam veteran, wasn’t really supportive enough of the war in Iraq during his time in Congress. Gilchrest ended up supporting Democrat Frank Kratovil in the general election, forcing Harris to try again in 2010. And Gilchrest is still disgusted with him to this day…which is understandable, given the circumstances.

Including the fact that Harris, a doctor, ran for office stoking paranoia about the Affordable Care Act. But during his orientation at the end of 2010, he had a tantrum saying that he would not immediately benefit from health insuranceand would have to wait two months until he was sworn in before it came into effect. To repeat… the man who campaigned against socialized health care practically ranted that he would have to wait two months to get some of it for himself.

Harris, the only Republican member of the Maryland delegation to the House, comes to our attention because we would like to say that he is the son of a Hungarian immigrant father and a Polish immigrant mother and that should make him a good example of a Republican with attitudes toward immigration… but no, it’s much worse than that. Andy Harris likes to remember his father, Zoltan Harris, as a man who was taken to a Russian gulag for being a determined anti-Communist soldier…the timeline of that, however, forgets to mention that Zoltan Harris fought for the pro-Hitler Hungarian army which was fighting the Allies in WWII.

So, yes, failing to mention that your father was pro-Nazi is a concern.

Support for Hungarian fascists hasn’t skipped a generation, as Andy Harris has come out in support of Hungarian strongman and Putin ally Viktor Orban in fact write it on congressional letterhead. And he snuck across the pond to speak at events in Budapest in favor of Orban, with its opening act being Sharon Slater, the leader of an Arizona anti-LGBTQ hate group who believes homosexuality is a “mental disorder” caused by childhood trauma that can be treated with gay conversion therapy. But Harris went so far write to the US State Department and ask them to withdraw the financial support our government gives to journalists in Hungarywho, you know, report the human rights violations committed by the Orban regime.

But it’s not the only far-right Eastern European country where Harris has shown interest… in 2018, Harris planned to visit far-right Czech white nationalist Tomio Okamura with a delegation of true creatures from Congress that included Dana Rohrabacher, Louie Gohmert, Paul Gosar and, of course, former Iowa Congressman Steve King. Not for nothing, but if your father was in a pro-Nazi group and you didn’t have the same ideals, maybe you wouldn’t want to hang around with trash like Okamura, who called for the gassing of Jews, gays, and Roma.

But Andy Harris doesn’t discriminate in the company he keeps, or the political endorsements he gives…like in 2017, he endorsed Roy Moore even AFTER the public learned that Moore had a long history of predatory behavior towards young girls (not to mention rampant racism and homophobia). This is not an isolated case, where he defends the worst people. After all, 2018, Harris came out strong to defend Brett Kavanaughaccusing his highly credible accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, of just being “a troubled woman”, and her testimony should be ignored.

I mean, there’s no bottom to how fearless Andy Harris can be. He might pretend to be a patriot, but it’s hard to pretend that when you leave and vote against health care for 9/11 first responders and call out the Zadroga Law”fiscally irresponsible. Or how in 2018 he was caught illegally channeling campaign dollars to his wife and was slapped with an ethics violation. This continued into current events, as he began to feud with fellow Republican and Maryland Governor Larry Hogan for responsibly shutting down his state’s affairs during the Covid-19 pandemic. Harris compared Hogan’s “stay at home” order that applied to church services to “communist china” and “North Korea”. Hogan, to his credit, blasted Harris saying, “he has the right to say all the crazy things he wants to say.

Maryland’s 1st Congressional District has a Republican bias of +14, which is surprising considering the rest of the districts in the state, the second most conservative is a skinny +6 Democrat. It helped Harris win in 2020 with 63% of votesand he returned to the Capitol to continue with one of the most grotesque voting records in all of Congress:

Andy Harris is a disgrace, and of course, did not face a main challenger in 2022. It’s still unclear who his Democratic opponent will be in November, but Maryland’s 1st District still has a +14 Republican lean, meaning it would be a huge upset if he were upset in 2022.

We can’t help but hope for an upheaval.

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