Iraqi forces conduct anti-ISIS operation as terror attacks continue ahead of elections


ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Iraqi military carried out an operation to target suspected ISIS operatives in rural Nineveh province amid growing number of terrorist attacks ahead of national parliamentary elections scheduled for October 10 .

The US-led coalition against ISIS supported Iraq’s latest military campaign, local media said citing security sources. A joint force from the Iraqi Counterterrorism Service and the military struck the Atshan Mountains, about 20 kilometers west of Mosul, with support from the air coalition.

The source explained that the operation left many ISIS casualties, although the numbers were not immediately apparent, and the destruction of the terrorist cell hideout.

The campaign came amid a growing number of reported attacks by operatives of the terrorist organization, which the Iraqi government declared in late 2017 to be territorially defeated.

Early Thursday, nearly 30 suspected ISIS fighters killed at least one Iraqi soldier and kidnapped a civilian in an attack on a village in the contested countryside of Kirkuk province, a local source said in Kurdistan 24 .

After its territorial defeat in 2017 at the hands of Iraqi and Kurdish forces, the remnants of ISIS regularly launch attacks in disputed territories between the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the Iraqi government due to what Kurdish officials called it a “safe vacuum”.

In Diyala province, residents recently expressed concerns about ISIS’s movements on rugged and difficult terrain like Mount Hamrin.

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