Iraqi forces find unexploded projectiles above Prime Minister al-Kadhimi’s residence

07 November 2021 19:34 STI

Baghdad [Iraq], Nov. 7 (ANI / Xinhua): Iraqi security forces on Sunday found two unexploded projectiles above the residence of Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, who survived an assassination attempt by an earlier drone bomb. during the day.
The state-run Iraqi news agency published photos of two unexploded projectiles on the roof of al-Kadhimi’s house and said the projectiles were part of the failed assassination attempt that targeted al-Kadhimi.
Before dawn, al-Kadhimi escaped unscathed an assassination attempt by a drone bomb that landed on his residence in the heavily fortified Green Zone, which is home to some of the main Iraqi government offices and foreign embassies.

The assassination attempt came amid protests from supporters of political parties rejecting last month’s election results.
On Friday, the protests turned into a clash with security forces at the entrances to the green zone, which resulted in the deaths of two protesters and the injury of dozens of security personnel and protesters.
In the October 10 legislative elections, the Sadrist movement, led by prominent Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, took the lead with more than 70 seats, while the al-Fatah (conquest) coalition won 17 seats against 47 in 2018. elections.
Political parties dissatisfied with the results said the elections had been manipulated and that they would not accept the “fabricated results”.
Supporters of political parties rejecting the election results have taken to the streets of many Iraqi cities, including the capital Baghdad, as the Iraqi Independent High Election Commission is still examining appeals and complaints filed by political parties. (ANI / Xinhua)

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