Iraqi forces foil drone attack on Balad air base

Iraqi security forces shot down three drones over Balad airbase north of Baghdad, where US forces were once present.

Iraqi forces halted a drone attack on Balad air base north of Baghdad early Saturday, the Iraqi security media cell said in a statement.

“Three drones approached the southern perimeter of Balad Airbase in Salaheddin province early this morning,” the statement said.

“They were spotted with the naked eye by the forces responsible for protecting the south towers and it was determined that they were enemy aircraft. The forces then opened fire on the aircraft, which took the leak,” he added.

US forces were present at Balad air base but withdrew mid-last year.

Pro-Iranian militias have frequently carried out attacks on US forces in Iraq. The United States announced the withdrawal of all its forces from the country at the end of last year, but some troops are said to have remained for “training purposes”.

Media platforms close to pro-Iran militias confirmed the attack, however claiming that the drones managed to cause some damage to the Balad base.

On Thursday, rockets landed in Baghdad’s Green Zone, which houses Iraqi government offices and foreign embassies, including the US Embassy, ​​injuring three people including two children.

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry condemned the attack in a statement saying it pledged to “ensure the security and protection of diplomatic missions”.

The Foreign Ministry said those who launched the rockets were being pursued by Iraqi security sources and would be punished “according to law”.

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