Iraqi forces launch second phase of Operation Strong Resolve against Daesh

Operation Strong Resolve began in the presence of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustapha al-Kadhimi.

Iraqi forces are targeting remaining pockets of Daesh in Anbar, which has been a hotspot for their terrorist activities since 2014.

Kadhimi was briefed in command of Operation Strong Resolve and the Quick Reaction Force. He then went to the headquarters of Hashd al-Shaabi in Anbar province.

Qasim Muslih, commander of the Anbar offensive, told the prime minister that 12,000 PMU fighters and four volunteer force brigades are taking part in Operation Strong Resolve.

The first phase of the offensive began on March 28 and 30 in the provinces of Kirkuk and Diyala, in northern and eastern Iraq.

Daesh terrorists have recently carried out a number of terrorist attacks in parts of Iraq. The group invaded large swaths of land in Iraq in 2014 and made the city of Mosul the capital of its so-called caliphate. But within months he was defeated by an alliance of Hash al-Shaabi and Iraqi armed forces which were aided by Iran.

Iran’s counter-terrorism icon, the late General Qassem Soleimani, played a key role in defeating the terrorists. He was assassinated in a drone strike directly ordered by former US President Donald Trump in early January 2020.

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