Letter from Crystal Miller: Find out and vote on February 15. | The people’s voice

Many thanks to Kenosha Area Business Alliance and Kenosha News Editor Pete Wicklund for hosting the Kenosha County Executive Candidates Forum on February 2.

It was an interesting discussion and one local leader said, “Sometimes these forums don’t show much difference between candidates. This showed some very stark and stark contrasts between the contestants.

I invite you to watch the replay of the discussion. You can find it by searching “Kenosha County Executive Forum” on YouTube.

As a community and county, we owe it to each other and to future generations to pay very close attention to this important race. Pledge to be as educated as possible and watching this discussion is a great start!

Let’s show up and vote on February 15.

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Clarify county ethics rules

On the face of it, the ethical question about visits by some county supervisors to Country Thunder and the value they contain seems justified in a regular public meeting.

But then allowing an investigation and spending over $7,000 to determine if a few $212 violations occurred shows that the rules supervisors must follow are not well written and easy to understand.

For any supervisor to question the rules for accepting an offer like this, it means the rules are unclear.

If it takes a $7,000 lawyer to figure out the rules, then the rules need to be rewritten by and for those who need them. Otherwise, all supervisors must be lawyers.

Ukraine, Russia and Biden

As usual, I enjoy Dr. Cyr’s columns, including a recent one concerning the Kremlin aggression in Ukraine.

A few things got me thinking though. By stating that Ukraine is historically part of Russia, although this is true, it builds on Putin’s narrative. Ukraine, however, has been part of many different entities, given its position, namely Roman, Mongol, Ottoman, Polish Lithuania and of course Russia.

While only 30% of Ukrainians speak Russian as their first language, 70% speak Ukrainian, a mutually intelligible language with Polish. This group also remembers that millions of Ukrainians were starved by Stalin and do not lean towards Russia.

My other comment takes issue with what sounded like a low blow on Biden, “President Biden remains unstable”. Really, how?

On the same day as this column, Elizabeth Shackelford of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, published her own, stating, “His administration’s response so far may not seem particularly satisfying…but it is honest, complex and appropriate. .

There are valid arguments for different US responses to this crisis across a spectrum from military to containment strategies and potentially harsh consequences no matter which direction we take.

We remember Chamberlain’s World War II appeasement and Bush’s invasion of Iraq as flawed in hindsight. The current crisis calls for a measured response. What would make Biden ‘unstable’ in the crisis? No sound of saber? No troops in Ukraine?

Coincidentally, Putin’s aggression may well strengthen Ukraine’s desire for continued independence and we are right to support that in every way possible.

Americans won’t tolerate American boots on the pitch, even though 50% say they do now (up from 30% in 2014).

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