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If you have watched the movie “What about Bob?” You know the concept of “baby steps” to cure obsessive-compulsive disorder. The Friends Committee on National Legislation has been pushing for the repeal of the 2002 authorization for the use of military force in the hope that this small step will help Congress reaffirm its constitutional responsibility to declare war.

If Congress reaffirmed its role in declaring war, the debate and consideration of all the consequences of war would be at the forefront of the conscience of the nation. Those who have not been afraid to learn of the dire consequences of our endless wars know that we have a moral obligation to do so. I suggest you read the Costs of War project https://watson.brown.edu/costsofwar/. Over 387,000 civilians have been killed and $ 8 trillion spent in the post-September 11 wars. These wars killed 129 times the number of civilians killed on September 11. Do you feel more secure?

Another insightful read is “How US Policy Caught and Killed Troops in Afghanistan,” written by a West Point graduate who served there as an infantry officer. It’s on politico.com.

Please join the FCNL NC Advocacy Team in our call to the Senses. Richard Burr (202-224-3154) and Thom Tillis (202-224-6342) today to mark the passage of 19 years ago of AUMF 2002. Ask them to do their utmost to ensure that SJ10 reaches the Senate floor for a vote, then vote for its passage. You can find more information about AUMF at www.fcnl.org.

19 years long enough

I served a congregation just outside the east gate of Eglin Air Force Base for 11 years, including active duty military personnel, their families, retirees, contractors, and other community members. . I got a taste of the complex industry through its people.

Of course, the President as Commander-in-Chief is responsible for leading US military forces to protect our citizens. But only Congress, not the President, can engage our nation in an ongoing war, ordering citizens to make the ultimate sacrifices, both by killing and dying.

Saturday, October 16, 2021 marks the 19th anniversary of AUMF (Iraq Authorization for the Use of Military Force) 2002 in Iraq (Iraq Authorization for the Use of Military Force). The war against Iraq has long been over and Iraq is now an ally inviting US military assistance against ISIS. An authorization for war against Iraq is obsolete.

This month, the US Senate will have the opportunity to repeal the Iraqi AUMFs of 1991 and 2002, already with bipartisan support (SJ Res. 10). We repealed the Gulf of Tonkin resolution targeting Vietnam. It is time for the senses. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis join their Republican colleagues in repealing the Iraqi AUMF which served as a blank check for military action against Iraq.

Sense. Tillis and Burr: Congress must recover its only constitutional authority to wage war. The human costs are too high.

Consider wisely

Given the disposition of candidates elected to public office, whether they are president, mayor or city councilor, American voters seem satisfied with their choices. The progressives in the ideologies of globalism and big government seem to be winning, despite the rightists and their messages of doom amidst the foul smell of fascism.

Currently, conservatives and traditionalists are complaining, moaning, and crying because all of their values ​​and beliefs are being uprooted or supplanted, so that over the next two decades, 20th century America will be unrecognizable as one nation.

Nonetheless, citizens are beginning to suffer from the decisions of the 2020 presidential election. Remember when gasoline fell below $ 2 a gallon, now again above $ 3 a gallon, and on the rise. ? Remember when you could buy multiple bags of groceries for about $ 20 a bag? Now expect to pay $ 35, which is also skyrocketing.

So as this 2020 decision begins to shrink your portfolio, savings, and pensions, maybe then you will rise up. But then again, maybe not because the allowance the government is providing you is enough to put you at ease, with another huge “stimulus” being debated in Congress.

Yeah, another year at the expense of your hard-working friends and neighbors. Can’t you imagine $ 29 trillion in federal debt that you owe, JQ Public? Wait, no, by the multimillionaires and billionaires who will be excessively taxed for not having the right to be rich – a “moral crime” against humanity and the poor, who cannot help but do so. to be poor.

Modest groups of Conservatives are skilfully fighting a valiant battle. Lawsuits are brought against compulsory medical procedures using the same logic to defend themselves as that invented by progressives who now condemn them: “My body, my choice. “

Americans, WAKE UP or WAKE UP!

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