Letters to the Editor February 27, 2022

For the editor

The Decline and Imminent Fall of Our Republic: The Big Lie

We now remember the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in 1940, but this time it is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The rise in the 1920s and 1930s of totalitarians, fascists, authoritarians, autocrats or dictators – choose your preference – reappears in the 21st century. Have we learned nothing? Even in the United States, one of our major political parties has become a Trumpista cult that threatens to replace our own democracy and constitutional system with an authoritarian one. This descent – then and now – began with the Big Lie.

Today, the Big Lie is specifically used to refer to the blatantly false claim that Donald J. Trump won the 2020 election without any evidence to support his claim and overwhelming evidence of his defeat. He and his followers probably really believe he won because that was what they wanted to hear and confronting them with facts will never get them to confront reality.

Franklin Roosevelt once said that “repetition does not turn a lie into truth”, but that does not mean that the lie will not be perceived as the “truth” if repeated often enough. FDR may have responded to Adolph Hitler’s speeches or his book “Mein Kampf”, a masterpiece of repetitive lies and outright hatred. After World War II, politicians like Richard Nixon (R-Cal.) and Joe McCarthy (R-Wis.) rose to prominence using the Big Lie technique. It has been the lifeline of the Republican Party ever since.

After reading “Mein Kampf”, McCarthy marveled at Hitler’s ability to manipulate the crowd. McCarthy continually asserted that there were hundreds of Communists in the US State Department. He never found one, but it made him popular with voters – until they realized how ruthless and irresponsible he was. According to Mr. Trump’s ghost author of his “The Art of the Market,” Trump’s first wife said her husband kept a copy of Hitler’s speeches on his side table. Trump told 30,573 documented lies as president.

Karl Rove, known as Bush’s Brain, got his start by becoming involved in President Nixon’s dirty tricks under Donald Segretti. But he is best known for managing George W. Bush’s presidential election campaigns. Rather than Hitler, it was Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda and Enlightenment, whom he admired. Dr. Goebbels’ philosophy was quite simple: “Make the big lie, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they’ll believe it.”

Under the leadership of Vice President Dick Cheney, neoconservatives who followed Leo Strauss’ philosophy of deception came to near absolute power while Bush II was the official president. Professor Strauss strongly believed that leaders should understand that there is no morality and that their lower followers should only be told what their higher leaders wanted them to hear. We entered the war in Iraq in 2003 on the basis of 935 documented lies.

David Offut


For the editor,

In Proverbs, Solomon wrote the following: A wise man will hear and increase in knowledge; and an intelligent man will attain to wise counsels: When wisdom enters into a heart, and knowledge is pleasing to your soul; discretion will keep you and understanding will keep you.

Wisdom and Knowledge have been abandoned by our truly incompetent and evil leaders in Washington! They seem to think that their head was only made to hold their ears apart! They have no respect for common sense, rational thinking and little, if any, respect for our laws, the Constitution and the freedoms of “We the People”. The total failure of the last 14 months under Biden, the Social Democrats and the Regressive/Rino Republicans, has greatly undermined the 4 years of success of the Trump administration!

Attacks on our economy, foreign policy, energy independence, constitutional freedoms, secure borders, judicial caution, military preparedness and respect for our law enforcement and “rule of law”, but above all their attack on a united people under a just and moral government, has brought this Nation to the brink of collapse!

Our Congress and the Biden administration are working to devalue our currency, destroy our financial markets, control our education system, our military, judicial, intelligence agencies, and most importantly, gain federal control of our elections. in order to manipulate and control “We the People.

The Covid-19 pandemic and climate change are being used to create chaos and issue mandates on “We the People”, in an attempt to take our liberties; create confusion, fear, doubt, hatred and remove security from our lives, as a way to control the masses.

Social unrest and racism are prime tools used to further divide the cultural dynamics of our people, sowing hatred and division, knowing that a united people cannot be defeated and our Nation destroyed.

The ability to rightly understand and gain knowledge and discern the impact of how our decisions will affect the lives of our families, our communities and our freedoms will greatly determine the future of our nation. The wisdom and understanding wielded by “We the People”, and the need to make moral and righteous decisions, and to trust God, are our deliverance from morally bankrupt leadership.

Royce Purifoy


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