News: Canadian Armed Forces help build Iraqi forces’ capacity to respond to explosion risks, 21-Mar.-2018

In February and March of this year, a Canadian Armed Forces Explosives Threat Training Team conducted an Explosives Threat Search training course for Iraqi security trainers.

This course was held at the Iraqi Army Demining School in Besmaya, Iraq, as part of NATO’s Training and Capacity Building Partnership with Iraqi Security Forces. It was developed in accordance with Canadian Armed Forces doctrine and standards to help the Iraqi Security Forces acquire the skills necessary to locate and identify explosion hazards.

Seventeen students from various units of the Iraqi security forces came to the school for demining bombs from frontline units, bringing with them a great deal of experience gained on the battlefield. Canadian trainers quickly developed strong professional relationships and bonded with Iraqi students. Students engaged in multiple research techniques and improved their training capacity so that they could return to their units and pass these skills on to their peers.

“The students were motivated and experienced; we learned as much from them as they did from us during the five weeks of training. It was a great opportunity to work with them in a peer learning environment, ”said a Canadian Armed Forces Explosive Threat Training Team Leader.

After the liberation of Iraq from Daesh, ensuring the security of public spaces and buildings is vital for the lasting security of Iraq. Graduates of the course will return to their units to conduct research on explosive threats, an inherently dangerous and difficult task. These Iraqi soldiers will place themselves physically between these threats and the population in order to increase safety and security and limit civilian casualties.

Canada and other NATO allies continue to conduct training activities to strengthen Iraqi security institutions and protect the local population, while helping to train a new class of Iraqi trainers, who will move the work forward. “Canadian Armed Forces combat engineers have been instructing in handling various explosive threats since the fall of 2017 at the Iraqi Army Bomb Disposal School. This mission was a real success and was extended until the fall of 2018. Helping the Iraqis to face these threats is an important contribution to Iraq, to ​​the Coalition and to NATO ”, underlined the Brigadier General Andrew Jayne, Commander, Joint Task Force Iraq. outside.

In addition to research techniques, Canada also taught students about explosive ordnance disposal, first aid, lanyard exercises and instructional techniques. All training was conducted as part of NATO’s training and capacity building effort, in full coordination with Iraqi security forces and national authorities.

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