Politics is not the panacea for all ills

Any system that can provide people with a decent quality of life, housing, jobs, health care, education and fundamental freedoms could be considered an option. The term “democracy” is defined as “the government of the people, by the people”, but while so many citizens in democratic countries feel powerless, the term should be reinterpreted. The flaws of democracy are cruelly exposed in Greece, where the government is forced to follow the dictates of Brussels on pain of bankrupting the country. The 77-year-old retired pharmacist who was shot and killed in Syntagma Square in Athens, fearing that he would be reduced to eating out of trash cans, was not reassured that he lived in a democracy.

Fourth, it gives citizens the illusion that they are free to make choices or have a say in the management of their country when nine times out of ten politicians promise land before being elected and do exactly that. what they please once they are in post. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair didn’t care that the overwhelming majority of British citizens were against the invasion of Iraq when he squandered the lives of military men and women and their surplus. country.

Democracy is a wonderful concept, but in practice it is highly overrated and not suitable for everyone. Isn’t it high time to stop bowing down to his altar, to let go of the virtual taboo of even evaluating his virtues, and to move on?

Moreover, any prime minister or president elected with a narrow majority, say 55 percent, is not necessarily representative of the interests of the remaining 45 percent.

The argument for democracy rests on the ability of citizens to vote against a leader who they say let them down at the end of his term, which has merit. However, countries with major long-term problems need long-term plans and programs that successive elected governments, each with different solutions, are unable to successfully implement.

Take the United States, for example, where Democrats have tried unsuccessfully to institute universal health care for decades. President Barack Obama succeeded in pushing through Congress a very watered-down version of Obamacare – “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” – but not only did the Supreme Court weigh in favor of Republicans by revising its constitutionality, but all Republican presidential candidates have vowed to repeal it. Simply put, democracy lacks continuity.

Second, because democracy usually goes hand in hand with a capitalist system, the real decision-makers are not ordinary people but bankers, business tycoons and media barons who foster a materialistic debt-ridden society that keeps working people out. a grueling treadmill to buy that ‘must have’ plasma TV and deal with mortgage payments on a house they think they own, while until that final payment it is in fact the property of the bank.

Democracy empowers media bosses like Rupert Murdoch, who regularly visited Blair’s Downing Street uninvited, as a sane politician would dare to upset a guy who shapes voter perceptions in his tabloids. And, in my opinion, the way political candidates are funded by interest groups and lobbies in the United States is totally undemocratic because it means that organizations use their money and influence to manipulate policies. To be fair, there are many countries where democracy has been beneficial, I am thinking of the relatively wealthy Scandinavian countries, where democracy and capitalism are tempered by welfare systems. Many democracy advocates admit it’s not perfect, but say it’s the best available. I’ve thought the same thing before because, like so many others, I grew up in a country whose citizens are brainwashed from an early age to automatically accept democracy as the gold standard.

Most of us are so caught up in the nomenclature that we often cannot see the wood on the trees. Any system that can provide people with a decent standard of living, housing, jobs, health care, education and essential freedoms is worth it.

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  • Politics is not the panacea for all ills
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