US should not send troops to Ukraine | Letters

I am very disturbed by the pressure from the Biden administration and the mainstream media to go to war with Russia! It’s insane!

Biden/Harris want to send our young men and women 5,000 miles to fight and die in Ukraine with whom we have no security interest.

It is the backyard of Europe. If it’s so important, why won’t Germany, France, Poland and England send in their military, spend their billions and let their young soldiers die? Ukraine is a corrupt country, full of problems and not part of NATO.

America has just returned from 20 years of war, losing thousands of lives, disfiguring tens of thousands and spending trillions of dollars in the Middle East, and unfortunately we cannot call this a victory because of the interference of our “leaders”. The politicians wouldn’t let us win in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan and now they want us to rush in to fight a real army with over 100,000 soldiers already there, waiting!

The Russians have serious weapons and tactical nukes. They also have a neighbor, China, which would be happy to help them destroy an American army.

Why does Biden want war with Russia? We have to stop before we regret.

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