Violence against women is a ‘big cancer’, says UN secretary-general, with flags targeting female activists on social media

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Wednesday called violence against women a “great cancer” and called for an “emergency plan” to deal with it in every country. Interacting with students from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay here, he also pointed out that female activists and politicians are being targeted on social media. The UN is working to achieve gender parity within its own organization, he said. ”I must admit that there is a problem that I haven’t been able to solve. A lot of people thought – and I fully respect that – that the UN Secretary General should be a woman,” he said. More than half of the women at the top UN leadership are women, Guterres said, adding that they hold positions like head of the political affairs department and heads of mission in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In India, like around the world, much more needs to be done to advance gender equality and women’s rights, the senior UN official said.

It is a “moral imperative” and also a multiplier of prosperity and sustainability, he said, adding that no society can reach its full potential without “equality of rights and freedoms for women, men, girls and boys. against women… is not only an important issue but it is urgent. Because things are getting worse, not better,” the UN secretary general said.

“The great cancer of violence against women must be an urgent priority of all those with responsibilities in the world,” he said.

Guterres also pointed out that “terrible campaigns” are being waged against female activists and politicians on social media. The violence on social media is “enormous”, he noted.

“Every country should have an emergency plan to combat violence against women,” he said, adding that it should cover all aspects such as training the police, the judiciary and ensuring that there is a clear responsibility in society for violence. against women.” The issue of gender equality is fundamentally about power, he noted.

“We live in a male-dominated world with a male-dominated culture,” Guterres said, adding that gender parity is needed at the highest level so that decisions are made in a way that makes equality gender a “downstream phenomenon”. On the other hand, it is also necessary to support all women’s organizations and have a bottom-up approach to generate equality, he added.

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